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    Late last week we submitted v1.1.1 of Adaptunes to Apple for review. This release fixes startup crashes some users experienced and improves startup time. We've put Adaptunes on sale for $1 until v1.1.1 is released or until Friday, whichever comes first.

    Adaptunes removes the tedium of listening to music on your iPhone. By working alongside the integrated iPod, Adaptunes automatically adjusts your volume based on how fast you are traveling. Obviously useful for driving, Adaptunes also has profiles for other activities such as motorcycling, biking, and skiing.

    Adaptunes works seamlessly with the integrated iPod, just load up a playlist, podcast, or album using your iPod and then fire up Adaptunes to let it take over for you. You can also create a playlist within Adaptunes. Since Adaptunes controls the iPod, when you close Adaptunes your music keeps playing.

    Not only can Adaptunes control your volume for you, future expansions will make it even more powerful. Future features will include Adaptive Playlists that automatically adjust to your preferences, social networking integration so all your Twitter and Facebook friends know what you're up to, and audio cues based on speed or other factors.

    For more information about Adaptunes, please visit alphaacid.com
    08-04-2009 10:17 AM