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    Chutes and Ladders PRO is a multilevel dice board game which you play against the device or with your friends. The game is called Chutes and Ladders in America and Snakes and Ladders in most other parts of the world.

    You can shake or touch to roll the dice and then the respective beads move according to the result. And if the bead reaches at the bottom of ladder, then it climbs up the top of that ladder. On the other hand when the bead reaches at the top of a chute, then it goes down to the bottom of that.

    There are three levels to unlock and explore. First play the "Fun in the park" level and as a reward unlock the next level "The African Safari". Then explore further and discover the ultimate "Climb and Slide". Once you explore three levels, the levels will be automatically accessible next time you run the App.

    Don't wait any longer. Get the App and have fun!!!

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    08-04-2009 05:04 AM