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    I can't believe I missed this but about a week ago, the Tap Critic released a news/update video on youtube about G-Map, regarding the "misunderstanding" of what what features were expected for 3.0 and what actually came out.

    Some quick thoughts after seeing video:

    -They're "promising" landscape and all the other features seen in the previous Tap Critic video.

    -I didn't realize Sean was the developer of G-Map. Heh. Thought he was a PR Rep.

    -Contacts integration looks like a go. For the record, Sygic, AT&T Navigator/Telenav and now G-Map will all be including contacts integration in future updates.

    -Still no mention of ipod integration.

    Here's a link:

    In its present form, I actually think G-Map is a decent application. It's good, fairly reliable and it has the best voice quality of all the GPS apps, IMO. If X-Roads finally delivers on their promise, G-Map might be the one app that TomTom really needs to worry about.
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