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    Hi all,

    The development team at ICS Mobile is happy to report that Navy Patrol: Coastal Defense has recently been submitted to the App Store. We are expecting an official game launch sometimes around August 10th.

    Youtube Game Preview:

    Below is the storyline and game features

    Chapter I: Threat From The Eastern Seas

    After years of military threats a nuclear power has decided to unleash its naval forces and pursue complete annihilation of your land and its citizens. Are we on the brink to witness a modern day Pearl Harbor? Do you have the strategical prowess to build massive naval defenses? Remember, wise Sea Commanders use their valuable experience to invest in the most powerful naval warfare technologies. The fierce and merciless armada is now dangerously close to your coastal line, this is a day of reckoning. Be smart, be strong, Defend!
    ************************************************** **

    ** Introducing ICS Mobile's Breakthrough AWS Realtime 3D Fluid Simulation Engine

    ** 3Warfare Styles:
    √ Sea Level
    √ Undersea
    √ Aerial

    **15 Offensive and Defensive Specials


    √ Touch-Controlled Satellite Laser Attack
    √ Accelerometer-Enabled "Storm" Special
    √ Long Range Missile Barrage
    √ Tsunami Wave Special
    √ Bomber delivered Nuclear Strike Special

    **Dynamic AI Pathfinding System

    √ Enemy Ships dynamically adjust their path based on your turret placement adjustments

    ** 6 Unique Upgradable Offensive Turrets

    √ Fighter Jets Equipped Airfield
    √ Large Cruisers
    √ Mines
    √ Machine Gun Turrets
    √ Missile Turrets
    √ Mobile Frigates

    ** 8 Enemy Forces


    √ Submarines
    √ Fighter jets Equipped Aircraft carriers
    √ Dreadnoughts
    √ FAS

    **Turret Targeting System

    √ Ability to order specific turrets to direct fire at the fastest, weakest or strongest enemy ships.

    **Embedded Skills Tree System

    √ Experience points awarded at specific wave cycles. Points can be allocated among Defensive, Offensive or Technology categories which unlocks a variety of unique specials.

    **Global Leaderboard

    We are currently working on a new official game trailer, that I will share with you pretty soon!

    08-01-2009 03:11 PM