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    Terraphone is the first iPhone app devoted specifically to helping you discover fossils and minerals.

    There are a lot of apps out there that help you find things which have already been found by others, but Terraphone provides the information you need to search out new discoveries. You can:

    * Study strata (rock layers)
    * Learn where precious metals were found
    * Learn where minerals have been found
    * Learn what layers of rock the minerals were in
    * See where gemstones have been found
    * Learn where fossils have been found
    * See the scientific analysis of fossil finds
    * Learn thousands upon thousands of geologic and mining terms
    * View images of minerals
    * Learn about the surrounding terrain
    * Use street and satellite maps

    It's seriously fun, educational, and useful! feels like your exploring the earth just by using the program. You'll be amazed about how much your geologic knowledge will grow, and you'll love how easy Terraphone makes it for you to find fossils and minerals.

    See it in the iTunes Store

    To learn more, please visit: Terraphone


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    Coming soon to Terraphone: Meteorites!!!
    07-31-2009 12:21 AM
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    Version 2.0 Now Available! - and coming soon: Earth Impact Craters!
    03-12-2010 03:13 PM