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    Hi guys!

    Introducing Cool Tip Calculator + Adjustments ($0.99 version 2.1)

    Homepage: Cool Tip Calculator

    Link to AppStore PRO version: iTunes Store
    Link to AppStore Lite version (Free): iTunes Store


    * The whole new look
    * New: Adjustment screen allows you easily split the bill in anyway you want. Let's say you just order a salad while your friends have steak or seafood, of course you don't want to split the bill evenly. Use this feature to adjust your check
    * New: App will auto remember your settings (tip %, tax rated...) for next time use.

    - Attractive design (new look)
    - Large keys for number entries
    - Large easy-to-read text and numbers
    - Color scheme and design for maximum ease of reading in low lighted restaurants
    - Intuitive interface, easy to use
    - Calculates tip without tax, a feature missing from many tip calc apps
    - Divides tip amount among number of people
    - Allows user to change tip percentage based on quality of service
    - Option for rounding tip amount, total to pay, and total per person
    - Reference information on how to tip properly


    07-15-2009 09:23 AM