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    Hello Everyone

    I'm Luciano Fagundes and I'm with Babs2Go. It is my first time writing on this forum and I'd like to share with you information about our latest launch in App Store.

    i-Dig : The Recycling Challenge - it is our latest game. We got inspired by my brother. He came to me a couple months ago and told me about this great game he was playing on-line "Motherload". I played for a few minutes and I loved it. Since them I have decided to build a game inspired on it and added our personal touch to it. We have added a new theme and a few extra enemies. I have also included a multi-player mode with voice chat included. I still want to add a few more features to it but that will come on the next release. I will keep this forum updated with any breaking news.

    More details about this and our other Apps can be found on the App Store or on LabTricks Blog.


    07-14-2009 12:39 PM