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    Just wondering what everyone thought of the new Worms game.

    I have every single worms game that has been released and I love the series a ton. I remember back to the days when friends and I would be in keyboarding class in highschool and we would be playing worms instead of doing our keyboarding. Too much fun.

    Now the fun is on the iphone and I have to say the game is pretty good. I especially love the random maps. Very cool. Every aspect (except the controls) is true to the original worms games and Team17 has done a great job. The graphics are superb even though everything is really small. The controls are a bit complicated when you get to flying around or using the ninja rope. The ninja rope is actually the biggest disappointment because it is so hard to control yourself. Pros use to fly around the map with the ninja rope and now it is very hard to control. I think to make it better they should use the tilt controls and an up and down button. Up and down make you pull in and out and the tilt controls make you swing back and forth.

    Otherwise the game is great and for 4.99 you can't lose.
    07-14-2009 09:17 AM
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    oh, and one problem most people are noticing is that on the 3g and even ipod touch, the game is pretty slow. I have had no adverse affects on my 3gs. It runs smooth as butter. The controls are not tricky at all you just have to know what you are doing and there are a lot of controls because there are a lot of custom weapons that require different controls. Yes the game is zoomed out really far but if it weren't then you would not be able to see where you were aiming. They should make a button that allows you to zoom all the way in to see your worm and then all the way out to see the whole map.
    07-14-2009 09:24 AM