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    Hey all,

    Just wanted to make you all aware of a great new feature I've added to my
    iPhone app 'Top-Tens'.

    Top-Tens (App Store Link) allows users to keep tabs on the top 10s of their favorite hobbies, interests or pastimes (like top 10 songs on iTunes, books in Amazon, online deals, etc.)

    Anyhow, I've just updated it to allows users to find the Top 10 'Undiscovered Apps'; the hidden gems that we know are present in the App Store but simply fail to get noticed.

    Essentially, I've created a new category - which can now be accessed by users of Top-Tens alongside other top 10 lists which they may be tracking.

    Crucially, to qualify to appear in the Top 10 Undiscovered Apps category, the app cannot be within the top 100 of it's respective App Store category.

    iPhone users can submit their favorite undiscovered app by filling out the form
    here: Top-Tens Undiscovered Apps - for iPod and iPhone. These entries are then collated and the most popular submissions appear in the list.


    07-13-2009 12:02 PM