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    iTunes URL: iTunes Store
    Official site: Ancient Legion for your iPhone by Enemyx/DigitalFun

    A FREE huge MMORPG finally available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

    Set in a medieval fantasy world, this multiplayer RPG will throw you in fantastic missions and last-ditch fights against thousands of players!

    ACTIVE COMMUNITY with thousands of players!

    CHATS, FORUMS, CLANS and PRIVATE MESSAGING: As a role-playing game, you can contact other players, join public or private chatrooms, send messages to anyone and post in the forums!

    BECOME HERO OF THE ANCIENT LEGION COMIC: A free new issue of the official Ancient Legion Comic is released each month. The adventures are based on real events experienced by real players of the game!

    - Dozens and dozens of weapons, armors, spells and potions. Each ritual has a magical effect only based on his description, and not on numerical values;
    - Presence of creatures in the game that can help in the challenges;
    Public market of creatures that allows players to sell or buy other heroess creatures;
    - Ability to establish or join a Clan. Each member of the clan can receive degrees from their military Clan Chief;
    - Each Clan can build structures to offer special privileges only to its members;
    - Each Clan can publish public announcements in the board;
    - Presence of Chats, Private Chats (you can create your own private chat), Forums,Clan Message Boards and Private Messaging to communicate easily with all players;
    - Presence of different classifications for different levels;
    - Opportunity to earn crystals (money of the game) playing;
    - Opportunity to donate crystals to other players and to receive donations;
    - Opportunity to put rewards on the head of your rival, forcing other players to give him a good lesson to collect your reward;
    - Presence of strategy lessons in the game;
    - Ability to carry out gamebook style mission to win points;
    - Ability to set your avatar;
    - Ability to train your hero in various types of classes according to your style of play;
    - Possibility of taking pills and micro pills for resting when you are not ready to play;
    - Opportunity to participate in tournaments;
    - Opportunity to read the comics for free;
    - Possibility of becoming the hero of the Comics;
    - Opportunity to contact the Staff;
    - Full documentation in English.

    This is a BrowserGame.
    A WiFi or EDGE/UTMS connection is required in order to access the game.

    07-07-2009 12:29 PM