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    Had a little chance to play around with the newly released Sygic North America and G-Map East/West v.1.3.1. Since they both came at about the same time, I decided to do a quick mini-review/comparison of both:

    Sygic North America ($79.99 one-time fee....yearly upgrades price TBA?):


    +Beautiful graphics, smooth scrolling.

    +Good, loud (and sharp) voice quality. I couldn't stand the obnoxious (almost shouting) male voice used for the US ("Lucien"), so I switched to the UK/British male voice "Simon." Much smoother, calmer, and soothing to listen to. Overall, much easier on the ears. :-)

    +Landscape mode is gorgeous.

    +Recalculates fairly quickly if you miss a turn.

    +Very customizable. You can choose from a variety of different voices (male, female) speaking different languages, route preview videos (customizable playing speed), etc. Lots of options...sometimes, I think TOO many options...

    +Since the maps are pre-loaded on the phone (vs. streamed in realtime like Telenav), it's less of a drain on battery, AND you don't need a data signal to use it (just GPS). FYI, it took me 2 hours to download the app and another half an hour to install it onto my iphone and back it up. That's the tradeoff of having maps on your phone.


    -The flip-side: you don't get real-time traffic/congestion data and maps can become outdated if you don't choose to update (as any one-time pre-loaded GPS app goes).

    -Kind of a confusing menu/UI. Not intuitive, IMO. If you think G-Map's data input was complicated, you haven't seen anything yet.

    -Yet another iphone GPS app that forgets about contacts integration (come on, guys, you've had how many months to get this together?).

    -No integration with the ipod app. At the present time, you cannot play music while navigating. Disappointing.

    -Has only "partial text-to-speech (TTS)." It only says the name of *major* highways, and does not say the name of any streets or roads. How spoiled I've become with the text-to-speech feature of AT&T Navigator by Telenav (ATTN). As I've said before, TTS is IMHO, a *vital* feature for the GPS systems of today. It's one extra safety precaution, so you don't have to take your eyes off the road when the GPS tells you the name of the streets/roads, etc.

    -I didn't always like the "timing" of the voice prompts. Sometimes, it seemed like the cues to turn came a little late (like within 10 feet of the turn). Not good, when you don't even know what street name to turn onto.

    -I could even overlook the lack of TTS and the poor voice prompting if they would have at least displayed the NAME of the next street you turn to. Yes, that's right: it doesn't display the name of the next road in the route until you actually turn ONTO it (- I've been playing around with the controls, but I haven't seen a way to fix this setting YET... ). This is perhaps, the biggest flaw of the app. If you're not going to say the street names, then at least display the overhead name of the next road in the route. The things we take for granted in GPS apps...isn't this standard with any type of nav. system? I have *never* seen a GPS app that didn't have such a basic feature.

    -The routes calculated weren't the most accurate or smart of all the apps I've tested. G-Map, Gokivo, ATTN, Google Maps all came up with routes which were more efficient and logical.

    OVERALL: For as long as we've waited for Sygic, this was kind of a disappointment. Underneath the pretty exterior, it's missing some fairly basic features. I have to give it 2/5 stars.
    G-Map East/West v.1.3.1:

    Okay, first off, I'm just as baffled as the rest of you. Like everyone else, I was expecting the full-blown nav-version we saw in the Tap Critic's youtube video. The update to 1.3.1 is a good one, but a far cry from what most of us were hoping for. I understand if G-Map wanted to take their time before giving us that, but they shouldn't have leaked the video to the Tap Critic and told him that that was what was going to be released in June with 3.0, when it clearly was not. Anyhoo, on to the review:


    +Beautiful female voice. Very sharp and crisp. Could be a little louder, but it's probably my favorite voice of all the iphone GPS apps. Good prompting as well. It warned me about turns well in advance and leading right up to the turn. I actually think the voice guidance is superior to Sygic.

    +I used to rip G-Map for it's biggest flaw: it would calculate routes that were bizarre, illogical, wasteful, and made absolutely no sense. If a sat-nav program can't even give you reliable, fast routes, what's the point? Well, the folks at XRoad appeared to have fixed this problem: I tested several routes in the Chicago area, and G-Map calculated routes which were just as accurate as any of the other apps I tested (and at times, even more).

    +Recalculates surprisingly fast if you go off route. I timed it at about 1-3 seconds! Very nice, G-Map!

    +They removed the silly driving game and restored the distance/turn to the next street.

    +They have now given you the option of previewing the entire route (step by step). Before you had to actually play through the entire simulation to see every step.

    +Good, solid, simple UI. It's not as dazzling as Sygic's but it's better.

    +Although the price jumped $10, it's still only a $35 one-time fee.

    +Like Sygic, maps are preloaded. And like Sygic, it takes a LOOONG time to download and install on Wifi. Updates also take hours, FYI.


    -Still no contacts integration.

    -No ipod integration. I'm not sure why they removed this since the earlier versions of G-Map did have it.

    -While the voice prompts/voice quality is par excellence, there's no TTS. The G-Map version in the Tap Critics Video had it, but this one does not. Not even "partial TTS" like Sygic or Navigon.

    OVERALL: Overlooking the disappointment that this isn't the full-blown version seen in the Tap Critic's video, I have to give G-Map 3/5 stars. It's a good, solid GPS app and for the first time ever, I would say it's finally what I would call *reliable.* For me, it'll make a solid back-up to ATTN (if I ever lose a data signal...which hasn't happened yet, BTW). Based on what I've seen so far, I believe that if we ever get the full-blown version seen in the video, G-Map will rival TomTom and Garmin. They have a good, solid start and it should continue to get better.

    CONCLUSION: In what I would call an "upset victory," G-Map outperformed the highly touted Sygic. It is overall, the more solid, better application -and this isn't even the finished version of G-Map. I'll continue to play around with Sygic (and I may grow to like it a bit more) but for now, I would say it's a disappointment. Of all the GPS apps available for the iphone right now, I would still rate AT&T Nav/Telenav as the best overall choice with the most features but I would have to rank G-Map right behind it. As I said earlier, ATTN will continue to be my primary GPS app, with G-Map as the worthy back-up. When TomTom and Navigon come, things should really get interesting.
    07-05-2009 08:37 PM
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    I asked XRoad's PR rep Sean why we didn't get the Tap Critic video version and what in the world was going on. Here's his reply:

    "The new buyers of Gmap will have to pay now $34.99 and the price will go up more. So previously owners have such an advantage of getting Free updates of new features. It is a matter of time. iPhone users will get all the necessary features soon. So please ask them be patient more and enjoy the good features currently available. Thanks."
    07-06-2009 05:01 PM
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    Thanks for the great review. I went ahead and bought G-Maps (east version only). I've used it the last two days and think it's well done. I was hoping for a little more, but it'll work for now. I have a few concerns though.

    The first , and you pointed this out above, is that you can't listen to your music while using the application. Considering it's on an iphone, which evolved from the ipod, I find that pretty weird, and really annoying. I'm know i'm not the only person who likes to listen to music when they drive. Second, I have to wonder how old the current map version is in G-Maps.

    I've lived at my home for about 1.5 years, it's a fairly new area, but not that new. My old Magellan had the road I live on, and I bought that back in December 2007, G-Maps does not have it. I live in Northern VA, and the area is growing at a really good rate right now, roads have been changing a lot over the last two years. I don't see any of these changes in the current version of G-Maps. Considering that G-Maps has to get it's maps from someone, and I assume pay for the use of these maps, I doubt they can just update everybodies maps with each new upgrade (they'd loose too much money). Thus if everybody has been getting upgrades until now, we're probably still using the same maps that originally came out in the first version. That's probably not so bad since G-Maps hasn't been around that long, but I don't know what maps they started with in the first place (and they don't have my 1.5 year old street on it). I just paid for a mapping application, and the maps could be two years old. With my current stand alone unit (a Tomtom), I was able to upgrade my maps to the most recent version within 30 days of purchase, thus making sure I had up-to-day maps (my Tomtom also had my street on it, even when first purchased before the upgrade). This just isn't the case with G-Maps.

    I'm curious about how they'll manage map updates in the future as well. I assume you'll have to just buy a new version, something like "G-Maps 2010, East Coast", or maybe in-app purchases.

    They also claim they'll be increasing the price soon, it's currently $35 for half the country, or $70 for both. If they increase the price much (say $5 for each half of the country), that'll put them at $80 for a complete US map set, which is the cost of Sygic, an established company. With other market leaders such as Tomtom coming into the app store, this will be interesting to watch.

    Don't get me wrong here, I like the app, it's very useful and works well. I just have the few concerns mentioned above. I'm also pulling for the company, I don't know anything about it, but I assume they're the little guy, and I'd like to see them take off and do well.
    07-06-2009 05:12 PM
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    Great reviews Tunnelrunner - thanks for taking the time to do this. Did Sean give you any idea on a time frame when the Tap Critic version will be released? That version looks amazing.
    07-06-2009 05:13 PM
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    Sorry, guys...no ETA given. I didn't want to bug him TOO much. Besides, even if I did probe him for an ETA, I doubt he would tell me anyways.
    07-06-2009 06:04 PM
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    I think everyone's pulling for them but they definitely need to fix a few problems. I wish they'd be a little faster about it, too...TomTom's going to be here soon.
    07-06-2009 06:08 PM
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    I just tested G-Map to a place near my normal route home from work, it didn't do a very good job - had me going all over the place. I tested before and it seemed to do well but I'm going to continue testing and see if today was a fluke.
    07-06-2009 07:57 PM
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    Gmap 1.3.1 definitely has some bugs with accuracy, It loses me a lot, I too hope the version seen in the Tap critic vid comes out soon.

    My biggest problem with it is the tiny hard to read text they use for the mph indicator and the miles to go and time until you reach your destination, they are almost impossible to read at a glance while driving. The other GPS apps seem to do better there.

    Another thing that bothers me is that even though the maps are all pre-loaded onto your phone it still skips real bad, shouldn't they smoothly scroll across the screen?

    Other than those things it works good, the voice is really well done.
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    07-06-2009 09:06 PM
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    Can we see some screenshots?
    07-06-2009 09:59 PM
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    I was actually on the fence about Gmap for a long time. The the other day I saw that the US West version had been updated and the price went up to $35. The US East version was still $25 and was v1.3 still. Downloaded the east maps before work for the $25 and when I got home the new version was out and it was $35. Glad I pulled the trigger. I hadn't even seen this other GPS in the app store but it looks pretty sweet, don't have $80 to spend on that right now though.
    07-06-2009 10:23 PM