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  1. supermanfos's Avatar
    Does anyone know a good camera app which will allow you to zoom? I looked at "Camera Zoom" and it does not have great reviews and it seems to not be working with 3.0. Any ideas? Thanks
    07-02-2009 06:16 PM
  2. CarlyLyon's Avatar
    best ting to do is WAIT it will come out soon with the new OS ive been waiting too lol..let me know if you find anything
    07-03-2009 01:14 AM
  3. Alli's Avatar
    You could try the case with the built in zoom lens, or go here and buy their add on iPhone lens. I know adding a lens to an iPhone sounds ridiculous, but I got it, and for $20 it's pretty amazing. Double lens with wide angle and macro.
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    07-03-2009 08:44 AM
  4. msbaylor's Avatar
    Using a zooming app will reduce your photo resolution - You could utilize a cropping app...
    07-04-2009 11:13 PM
  5. caspianx67's Avatar
    A digital "zoom" is nothing more than an in-camera crop. You have more options (framing the shot, sharpening, etc.) if you take a normal picture, then crop it afterward. In fact, sometimes the digital zoom will produce a file that's just as big dimensions-wise as a normal shot, and correspondingly larger file size, which is a waste of storage space!
    07-21-2009 04:17 PM
  6. astrosaurus's Avatar
    Yeah, all digital zooms do is essentially stretch the image and make it worse quality. You're not gaining anymore information by doing it, just increasing what's available. Unfortunately I don't have any recommendations for ya, as I don't really care for 'em. But good luck! Hope you find one you like.
    07-22-2009 02:17 AM
  7. Alli's Avatar
    Ok, so for $.99 it was worth the experiment of a program claiming to do digital zoom. I got CameraZoom, and these are the results. Maybe not the greatest subject for the experiment, but what the heck. It was 3' away and I didn't have to move to try it.
    07-22-2009 09:22 AM
  8. Arthur001's Avatar
    Great experiment ) I'll try too
    07-23-2009 05:36 AM
  9. Ipheuria's Avatar
    I tried the site and it keeps going to and has only USB products the added lens sounds cool so would love to get the right site.
    07-23-2009 01:38 PM
  10. Alli's Avatar
    I think I used the wrong link originally. Try this one.
    07-23-2009 01:43 PM
  11. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Thank you much appreciated.
    07-23-2009 02:52 PM
  12. supermanfos's Avatar
    I downloaded camera zoom & you are right it's not that bad but it's not great either. The closer you zoom in the worse the image gets. Like other people have posted here it crops. Then again it's $.99!!! I do wish Apple would add some sort of zoom or more camera functions in their app.
    07-23-2009 03:22 PM