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    Search mmmjuice on the app store and grab a copy today!

    Here's what reviewer's are saying about All Pro Crash Off Road:

    iPhoneGameNetwork - "the vehicle physics and damage, including break away parts, is top notch"

    iPhoneGameNetwork - "a fun filled arcade racer"

    "They didnt include Crash in the title for no reason, as crashes are frequent and entertaining"
    "you'll find the game extremely fun" - Josh Holat, Appletell.com

    "If you love off road racing this is definitely a game you should pick up." - Matt, touchmiphone.com

    "...there's no denying the sheer entertainment value of smashing up your ride..." - Spanner Spencer, Pocket Gamer

    "The physics of the game are delightfully eccentric..."
    - Spanner Spencer, Pocket Gamer


    All Pro Crash Off Road Lite is explosive truck racing at it's best! Get behind the wheel and grab on tight because this is no ordinary driving game. Check out the incredible features below and well see you at the finish line!

    Visit the All Pro Crash Off Road website to find out all about it:

    mmmJuice dot Com
    07-02-2009 12:29 PM