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    Hello everybody,

    It is I from Connect2Media - we have just announced a raft of iPhone games for the next few months - namely TIMELOOP, String'Em In, Tumblebugs and Sudoku 365.

    TIMELOOP is a brand new IP - a beautifully polished puzzle game. String'Em In is a word game that has been amazingly successful on interactive TV. To be honest, not my type of game but I have had a play and I did get hooked. Tumblebugs is a lot of fun, and has a great and active on-line presence already as a casual game. Lastly, 365 Sudoku - I know, don't get too excited - however we are trying to build a brand that people can trust though which we deliver quality games which are incredible value for money.

    Some links:
    TIMELOOP teaser video:
    Tumblebugs on-line: http://www.bigfishgames.com/download...ugs/index.html
    String'Em In Two Way Media Ltd - Games

    And here is the text of a press release that went out:

    Connect2Media has already released Go! Go! Rescue Squad! on the App Store and the next game will be Timeloop, another brand new IP created in-house at the companys Manchester development studio. Timeloop is an arcade puzzle game which sees the player using short jumps in time (Timeloops) to travel back in time to help their previous self solve puzzles really, it makes sense in-game!

    Next up comes classic casual game Tumblebugs. With well over 35 million downloads or free-plays to date of the web version the game is a true mass market product. The game has topped download charts on all of the major games sites including Yahoo!, Big Fish Games, Shockwave, AOL and Oberon and spent four months in Real Arcades top ten. The iPhone version has been created by Tag Games who have scored a massive App Store hit with their excellent Car Jack Streets.

    String Em In hits the App Store next. The interactive TV smash hit is already played by millions around the world. The intuitive word game is available to over 11 million homes in the UK alone, enjoying exceptional replay rates and becoming the most played game on Virgin Media UK cable network. The game has recently launched on Facebook where it has enjoyed immense international success.

    Then the first of brand new, cross-platform, franchise 365 Sudoku arrives on the App Store. The 365 brand is aimed squarely at casual gamers and is the first in a line of trustworthy products that will deliver timelessly playable games in a slick, iPhone environment with presentation and features that make full use of the iPhones features.

    I will post more soon - TIMELOOP is next up so that is the one I'll have info on first.

    Thanks for your interest,
    06-29-2009 04:13 AM