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    Challenge the sportsman inside yourself!

    SPORTS mania is the new and exciting game that allows you to challenge yourself and your memory in a number of levels, each one dedicated to a different sport, with the goal of discovering pairs of identical cards. Complete the game in the shortest possible time and qualify for the online world rankings!

    To help you, you can get some bonuses by making combinations of correctly unveiled cards:

    -Lens: This allows you to peek a card without uncovering it
    -Pause: stop the clock for 4 seconds
    -Bomb: Automatically uncovers a couple of images

    The featured sports are: Tennis, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Athletics, Formula One, Hockey, Volleyball and Ski.

    Main features:
    -10 Levels and many sports
    -Simple and intuitive
    -200 different cards
    -Online World Rankings
    -Bonuses and Combos

    06-27-2009 11:33 AM