1. Hakala's Avatar
    I live in a northern Minnesota community and on every golf course here, there are deer. Most always you can play through and they'll move off to the woods while you play. The particular hole I was teeing off on was a "dog-leg" or a "J" hole so I decided to scream the ball accross the trees. It was going fine as usual but it hit a tall birch and pelted back and hit a baby deer. It's mother became enraged and decided to charge me and my golf partner. Long story shortThank heavens we had a golf cart!
    ~Happy Golfing~
    06-26-2009 02:01 AM
  2. dsampley's Avatar
    I was getting ready to tee off in front of my boss when my boss started to laugh at me for the poor golf game I was having. When I hit my golf ball, the ball hooked back to hit him in the leg. I could never have hit that shot if I had tried on purpose.
    06-26-2009 08:02 AM
  3. touchyphone's Avatar
    I once got arrested with a group of 20 kids on a golf course after hours as we were playing FROLF. Needless to say they took the frisbee.
    06-26-2009 10:48 PM
  4. MikeCTZA's Avatar
    My best golf memory was on a par 3 when a friend teed off and the head of his 9 iron snapped as he connected with the ball, we canned ourselfs laughing as the head of the club went further than his ball. Was hillarious !!
    06-28-2009 12:57 AM
  5. kirbini's Avatar
    A group of women are teeing off when one shanks a shot onto a nearby fairway. The whole group yelled "FORE" as the ball approached a group coming the other way. One of the men turned to the sound, took the ball in the crotch and dropped to the ground. The horrified woman ran over and found him writhing on the ground with both hands on his crotch.

    Feeling she needed to do something, sh ran over, pulled down his zipper and proceeded to give him the hummer of his life. She finished, pulled up his fly and said, "I'm sorry I hit you but that ought to make it feel better."

    To which he replied, "That was great, but my thumb still hurts like hell!"

    06-29-2009 07:27 AM
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