1. Alli's Avatar
    I know there was a thread on this, cause this is where I heard of it - but I'll be dipped if I can find it.

    I went ahead and bought it, and it has yet to go off for me. Other people were actually having luck with it?
    06-22-2009 09:31 AM
  2. Omer's Avatar
    try to check iMusiClock application it is ipod alarm and also night clock
    06-22-2009 10:00 AM
  3. Alli's Avatar
    I just hate to spend another buck on an app that may not work any better.
    06-22-2009 10:12 AM
  4. Ecrider's Avatar
    Alarmtunes works great for me....awesome app
    06-22-2009 01:32 PM
  5. MMluvsWDW's Avatar
    Can I ask what ipod you have. I haven't had any problems with it. Maybe email support if you have questions.
    06-22-2009 02:16 PM
  6. Alli's Avatar
    I'm on an iPhone 3G with 3.0. I did file a report. I'm just very disappointed right now.
    06-22-2009 03:54 PM
  7. Larzo#IM's Avatar
    Thats a bummer. It sounded great.
    06-22-2009 04:07 PM
  8. Ecrider's Avatar
    Sounds like your hitting the home key after you set your alarm.

    I'm running the iPhone 3.0 3g and have had this app since day one. No problems at all.
    06-22-2009 04:23 PM
  9. Rynology's Avatar
    Hi Alli,
    Sorry to hear you are having trouble.
    Please contact us at support[at]mcleanmobile.com and we can help troubleshoot the issue for you.

    The response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive and I am confident we will be able to help you.

    Also, just to elaborate on the above point, you must remain in the app for the alarm to work. *If you leave the application the Alarm will not go off. *Apple does not permit the running of background processes for third party applications.

    Kind Regards
    06-22-2009 05:30 PM
  10. Alli's Avatar
    Silly me for making the assumption that it would work in the background. I mean...I knew that Apple prevented background processes, but it seems rather pointless to have an app that doesn't somehow get around it as an alarm.

    Definitely a disclaimer is necessary in the app description, and a warning that you must alarm your alarm each night.
    06-22-2009 06:44 PM