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    Nag-O-Meter Deluxe is a funny, feature rich program that includes over 600 high quality custom Nags recorded by real people such as dads, moms, kids, girlfriends, teachers and bosses that appeals to a wide ranging audience. It even has hilarious foreign language Nags in Japanese, Swedish, Spanish and others!

    Features of Nag-O-Meter Deluxe iPhone application include:
    • Over 600 high quality unique nags in MP3 format including classics like “When are we going to get there?” “Are you listening to me?” “Your friends are such losers!” and “What was I thinking!Nag-Mail™ – gives users the ability to email Nags to anyone, anytime.
    • All Nags can be used as alarm sounds in popular programs like Microsoft Outlook, iPhone calendar, Entourage and iCal.
    • Nag-Tone™ - exclusive feature that allows all Nags to be sent to any phone for use as custom ringtones.
    • Nag-O-Meter™ offers three variations of each Nag. Choose from ’passive aggressive’ versions to more excitable ‘if-looks-could-kill’ versions.
    • Nag-Alarm™ allows you conduct sneak-attack Nags with a timer.Nag-Bomb™ lets you set a Nag to play the next time the iPhone is moved.

    These are not actors; all nags are recorded by extremely annoying naggy regular people.
    Link to website with demo video.
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    06-18-2009 03:44 PM
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    hehehehe i love it! i«,ll get it tonight!
    06-24-2009 11:08 PM