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    Hi to all fellow TiPb forum members! WalletWhiz is your personal financial tool for easily tracking your spending habits against a budget.

    Unlike most budget applications on the App Store, WalletWhiz gives you the choice of managing your budget through a unique Calendar view, a traditional Categories view, or both. By using the Calendar view in tandem with the Categories view, you can manage your budget more efficiently.

    With WalletWhiz, you can:
    • Track your expenses and income through the unique Calendar view or the regular Categories view;
    • Quickly set up a Period, then assign different budgets to each monthly or weekly Cycle in the Period;
    • Export transactions to CSV format so you can easily view and re-use the data in your spreadsheet or financial application of choice;
    • Easily protect your data by setting a passcode;
    • Experience the benefit of iPhone's built-in support for your currency and language.

    With WalletWhiz, your budget is in your hands.

    Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. You can also follow us on Twitter for more announcements. Thanks!

    Coming Soon: WalletWhiz v1.1 is currently "In Review" by Apple. It includes UI tweaks, various bug fixes, and memory usage optimizations. Here are some screenshots of v1.1:
    06-15-2009 09:16 PM