1. bwah's Avatar
    I just wanted to let you know about a new party game app that we just released on the iphone app store called "High Low Smoke or Fire".
    The game is very simple to play. You just try to guess whether the next card will be higher, lower, smoke (black), or fire (red). Every correct guess adds a second to the tally. If you get 3 in a row you can pass to the next player. The player that guesses wrong is supposed to "drink" for the number of seconds in the tally.

    While there are a couple other apps with this theme in the app store, this is the first to use native iphone gestures for controls and shaking for shuffling.

    You can find the app in iTunes here: iTunes Store

    Robert Walker
    Developer - Tapular - High Low Smoke or Fire (Hi Lo)
    06-10-2009 03:58 PM
  2. Sater's Avatar
    Not bad i think, but very simple
    06-11-2009 03:42 AM