1. Joeheitz22's Avatar
    Hey iPhone community!!!

    I just submitted my new game, "Firework Frenzy" to the app store. Hopefully, it will be on in a couple of days!

    What is Firework Frenzy you ask? Well, I will be happy to tell you. Firework Frenzy is a great casual game which has you tapping fireworks that shoot onto the screen. You collect points for every firework you pop which allows you to buy other fireworks as well as unless other venues that you can play.

    There will be a total of 9 unique levels ranging from easy to hard and each features a different and great sound track.

    It will sell for.99

    There is no other game that will compare to it this 4th of July. If you love fireworks, and you love games, then this game will blow your mind!

    I've posted some pictures of some game play and once it hits the store I will hopefully be submitting some video.

    Hope you're all about to have a BLAST with Firework Frenzy.
    06-08-2009 06:51 PM