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    Download: Cow Says Moo!

    Cow Says Moo! is our first app for preschoolers, or adult cow enthusiasts!

    Remember the animal sound boxes you had as a child? You turned it over and over again to release the animal sounds!

    The parents at Babytility have updated this retro classic for the iPhone with Cow Says Moo, a fun new game for you and your modern preschooler.

    The simple application features an animated take on a classic farmyard scene. The cow's sleepy eyes follow your movements and a weather vane winds in the wind. What does the cow say when you give your phone a little shimmy? We won't ruin the surprise!

    Cow Says Moo is simple, delightful entertainment that brings parent and child together, while encouraging motor development and providing a memorable lesson about the farm.
    06-05-2009 10:43 AM