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    Hello everyone.
    I'm glad to say that today in the morning our brand new game - Penetrator has been finally approved by Apple and now you can download it in the App Store.

    You have a space ship. A space ship enclosed inside a large artificial asteroid. You have to penetrate three insanely long and thrilling tunnels filled with obstacles and power-ups to accomplish your mission and archive freedom.

    Only most concentrated survive. Can you?

    Penetrator is a next-generation copter-like game, where you can control the ship by holding a finger on the screen to fly up and releasing a finger to fall down.


    Three Environments With Different Physics

    There are industrial, lava-damaged and water-filled levels. You will be surprised by how hard flying in low gravity field could be.
    Seven Exciting Bonuses

    Both helpful and dangerous. There is even warp hole, that makes your ship fall in space continuum.
    Unlimited Re-Playability

    All tunnels are random generated. You will never fly the same level twice and maybe one day you will get a level without the walls at all!
    Dynamically Processed Sound Effects

    Listen how your ship's engine spinning up.
    Amazing Graphics and Particle Effects

    Screenshots speak for themselves.

    iTunes Store

    The price is USD $0.99 the lowest price point at the App Store but for only one week. Later the price will be increased.

    We'll be glad to hear your opinions and comments.
    P.S. Due to the numerous amount of comments concerning the name (Penetrator) we must say that this is unfortunately not an adult game.
    Have fun!

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    Looking good=)
    06-05-2009 08:29 AM