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    Check this out guys: itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=313763765&mt=8

    Bring out the animal in you in 4 easy steps.

    See your face modified by features of wild animals (tiger, leopard, lion and gorilla) or more peaceful ones such as those of a panda or even those of pets (dogs and cats).

    You have the possibility to perform 2 kinds of modifications:

    - show the features of the face of the animals in your own face

    - or reveal your face in the head of the animal

    With these 4 easy steps, you will obtain your automatic morphed face:

    1. Select a photo of your media library or take one with your iphone.

    2. Select the animal with which you want to merge

    3. Select the type of morphing: for "animal-face in man-head" click on the "Morph" button, and for "man-face in animal-head" click on "Reverse Morph" button.

    Less than 15 seconds are necessary for the automatic adjustment of the two elements.

    4. Save the result in your media library.
    05-24-2009 10:18 AM