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    Hi! First of, AppStore link, $0.99

    I would like to announce our new game!
    It just came out in the App Store today!

    Official site: Bugs Shot

    Feedback welcomed!


    Game description:

    Bugsshot is an amazing small game played under iPhone and iPod Touch.
    It takes you only a couple of minutes to complete one level of the BugsShot game.

    You will have to rack your brain and show the accuracy to get more scores.
    Challenge with the whole world (defeat the whole world)
    Play and get into the top list of the 10 best players of the world.
    You have to hit the center of the flower to get 5000 scores.
    Dont think it would be easy after the first levels. The most difficult levels are waiting for you to come.


    - The 20 incredible and colorful levels
    - Global and local scoreboard to keep you staying challenged
    - Original gameplay with using the touch screen
    - Incredibly simple but amazingly engaging


    You need to get your bug as close as possible to the center of the flower with the same color
    Choose the bug matching the flower by the color
    Control the direction and the range of the bugshot
    The more your bug is closer to center of the flower the bigger score you take.
    Get extra scores for the unused bugs.

    YouTube video:

    The game in action you can see at

    Thank you for your time!
    05-11-2009 10:18 PM