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    Hey all,

    We just completed our application Visible Vote Mobile for the iPhone. We welcome any feedback.

    Visible Vote is the first application to put the power of government in the palm of your hand. Visible Vote allows you to write YOUR congressional legislators personal letters from your iPhone, Vote on Bills YOUR legislators are voting on which in turn updates them with your voting preference.

    The application also keeps track how often your legislators are voting for/against what you want. Now you can know who to keep or let go next election!

    When you vote the application tallies up the votes of all constituents for each legislator and sends the info to them to guide them on future issues.

    We also integrate with our Facebook Application! You can synchronize your votes between Visible Vote for Facebook and Visible Vote mobile. We will have more to come on this!

    Please let us know your feedback!

    Check out: Visible Vote!

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