1. Atomic_Squirrel's Avatar
    I just recently downloaded UniWar onto my phone and I'm amazed at how much they put into this game -- It was only a buck, but it even comes with Online Multiplayer!

    Its like an advanced wars version of Starcraft!
    It is sooooo addicting!!

    Has anyone else tried this thing?!
    05-05-2009 07:35 PM
  2. devilsadvocate's Avatar
    I have this game and it is awesome. Got it when it first came out and have drained my battery multiple times playing. Highly addictive turn based strategy game. Still trying to beat mission 7 in campaign mode any suggestions?
    05-06-2009 09:21 AM
  3. Borgqn's Avatar
    For Mission 7, all you to do is keep building cheap single ground units to use as battle field fodder. The enemy air units automatically go for them. Then build 1-2 helicopters (i usually just need 1) to take out the enemy's ground units. If you just keep building cheap guys, spreading them around the map, and then replacing them, you should be fine.

    If anyone wants to play sometime, my username is eglanders.
    05-07-2009 08:51 AM
  4. came's Avatar
    Strategy game ? Difficult?
    05-08-2009 02:10 AM
  5. Thndrct619's Avatar
    I just downloaded Warfare Inc. I really enjoy it, they apparently have been saying that they are going to release multiplayer but haven't yet. But the single player game itself is great, it has very natural controls.
    05-13-2009 08:53 AM