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    GUNS! is a collection of 24 different gun sounds including shotguns, machine guns, pistols and rifles from Partners In Rhyme and Lynne Publishing.

    The sounds are available via buttons on four separate panels and includes loading and racking weapon sounds giving you the ability to play a variety of sounds at the same time without having to scroll through a long list just to change sounds.
    Info about each gun is available by pressing on the name of the gun in the button.

    These sounds were professionally recorded and are being made available from the Partners In Rhyme sound effects catalog.

    The sounds available in the Guns Sounds application are listed below.

    * Machine Guns
    Thompson Machine
    Gun AK 47
    Heckler and Koch
    Insert Magazine

    * Shotguns
    Remington 870 1
    Remington 870 2
    Mossburg 500
    Load Round
    Rack & Load fast
    Rack & Load slow

    * Rifles
    Remington 7mm
    Howa Model 1500
    Winchester 30-30
    Marlin 30-30
    Rifle Bolt Action
    Load Round

    * Pistols
    Liberty 22
    Target Pistol
    Rhuger Magnum 44
    Smith & Wesson P99
    Remington GP 38
    Revolver Dry Fire
    Revolver Chamber Opened
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