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    If you like simple and addictive arcade-style games, check out the new app titled Spilt Milk for the iPhone and iPod touch!

    The game was created to promote the popular London band Fightstar's new album. Its first single is on the hit list on BBC radio right now, so we're very excited! If you download the app, you get to hear 3 songs from the album including the hit single!

    The game itself is VERY fun and addictive. Every time you play you figure out new techniques and improve your score. I played this game 5 times a day for 3 weeks straight, continually finding ways to beat my high score. At first a good score is 5000. Later, you can get over 1 million from practice.

    Oh, and the player with the highest score wins a $1200 guitar from PRS guitars!



    Fightstar, in collaboration with Horsie in the Hedge (HITH) Media and KBMJ Inc., launch Spilt Milk, the worlds first iPhone game designed by a band for the iPhone and iPod touch.

    Spilt Milk is an original arcade-style game set to music from Fightstar's soon to be released third album titled be human. The game brings be humans album cover to life and allows fans to interact with the scene found on the cover. Furthermore, three complete album tracks are included in the app allowing players to listen to Fightstar's music while they enjoy the fun and addictive game play of Spilt Milk.

    The objective of the game is to catch drops of milk by moving a glass with your finger. High scores are achieved by avoiding spilled milk and beating game stages. Bonus powerups and additional glasses can also be unlocked. What starts as a quirky and simple game becomes a blend of skill and strategy as players learn how to manage 3 glasses at once.

    The player with the highest score in the world on April 30th will win a free PRS guitar valued at $1,000. In addition, other players will be randomly chosen to win free Criminal Damage clothing and Fightstar merchandise just for participating.

    The game will also act as a direct portal to information on Fightstars news and tour dates for fans.

    With the great success of the iPhone application market and it's predominantly music-oriented crowd, Dan Haigh of Fightstar saw an opportunity to promote be human in a novel way. Having dreamt up the concept for the game while on a beach with his wife, Dan comments Spilt Milk is the first example of an iphone game which has been designed specifically to promote an album. The game brings the album cover to life, allows fans to listen to complete album tracks prior to the albums official launch date and serves up some fun gameplay for the fans while theyre checking out our new tracks. This is a game you can play for hours, and still find new tricks to beat your high score..

    Spilt Milk is available for purchase for 1.99 on Monday 13th April 2009 at the App Store via any iPhone or iPod touch device, or via iTunes.

    Contact: press at hithmedia dot com 07971003640

    About Fightstar
    Fightstar is a four-piece rock band from London, England. The band is made up of Charlie Simpson and Alex Westaway on vocals and guitar, Dan Haigh on bass guitar and Omar Abidi on drums. In 2005, frontman Charlie Simpson left the highly successful British guitar trio Busted, citing his marked preference and love for alternative rock-based music, in order to form Fightstar. For information on Fightstar, the album be human, and upcoming tour dates visit fightstarmusic dot com.

    About Horsie in the Hedge Media (HITH)
    Horsie in the Hedge Media (HITH) was co-founded by Dan Haigh of Fightstar, Alex Gingell, Philip Koch and Alex Westaway. HITH provide a wide array of media and design services, such as movie visual effects, viral advertising, corporate video production, and video games. Visit HITH Media at hithmedia dot com for more info.

    About KBMJ
    Located in Tokyo, Japan, KBMJ provides a variety of web & mobile services with the goal to expand the possibilities of the Internet. For more information about KBMJ, visit kbmj dot com.

    About album artwork
    Original album cover artwork by Ryohei Hase ryoheihase dot com
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    Thanks, going to check it out.
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    Check out this very positive review of Spilt Milk.

    iphonekungfu dot com/general/this-week-were-playing-spilt-milk/

    This is too good to pass up!
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