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    just found out that the mail application on the iPhone always downloads the full content of a message when its size is below 50KB. If, however, the message size is 50KB or more, the iPhone only seems to download it when the message is accessed by the user. I've just tested this the following way:

    1. Sent two mails via Exchange ActiveSync to the phone, one with a size of 47KB, another with a size of 52KB.
    2. Turned on airplane mode
    3. In mail, the message with a size of 47KB could opened and views as it was completely downloaded. While opening the 52KB message I however received a note that message cannot be viewed as it hasn't been downloaded yet.

    So, at least when using Exchange ActiveSync (haven't tested other protocols) the maximum size of automatically pushed messages seems to be 50KB.

    Do you know whether there is a possibilty to restrict this size? Since when using the iPhone in another country 50KB per mail could be quite expensive compared to other Phones that allow you to restrict the size of the content being automatically downloaded (i.e. Windows Mobile where you can choose or Mail for Exchange on Symbian where only 2KB of each message are downloaded automatically).

    I wish there was an option for it. Would be nice to see this at some stage in software 3.0.

    04-24-2009 10:18 AM