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    With so many iPhone to-do lists, what is the need for another one? Well, some things set Actions apart from the rest:

    - In the chain view you can see how regular you are in getting things done. Each day you complete an action you earn a chain link. If you keep doing stuff for 5 days or more you are awarded a gold star

    - Actions has really fast startup and navigation, even with a very large set of actions

    - It's simple and easy to use but still lets you get the full power of the GTD method

    - A 2-minute introduction helps you get started right away

    - There are some really nice animations too

    - The user interface has been carefully designed to be as smooth and unobtrusively as possible

    - And much more, including super-fast inbox entry, full text search, list of completed items by date, and in-app help

    App Store Link: itunes.com/apps/actions

    App Web Page: ghostparksoftware.com
    04-24-2009 07:20 AM