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    Price: .99$
    iTunesLink: clickMe!!

    Features :

    Ever Wanted To iFright your friends or foes...?!?!
    (contains *scary* pictures/images and freaky sounds.)
    Well, iFright is the app for you!
    If someone asks for your iPhone, you quickly and unnoticeably
    open the iFright application and give it to him.
    Any touch will generate a "loading screen" with a description and after a couple seconds, the phone simultaneously vibrates, plays a horrifying sound, and displays a scary image!

    iFright has the option to choose the background image or scary image from the included images or from your camera roll. To do so, just tap the info button that is placed on the upper part of the screen. The default background image of iFright simulates a game screen.

    This first version of iFright includes 4 combinations of horrifying sounds and pictures for you to choose*from:
    a vampire, skull, zombie and girl.

    On the fly, launch the application, give it to your friend or foe, and iFright him like never before!!

    Watching the amazement, confusion and fear on your friends faces is absolutely hilarious!!

    More Pics:

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    clickMe!! You know you want to, iFright!
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    04-19-2009 03:35 PM