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  1. drb123's Avatar
    I have tried the GreenFinder Program ($35) and the ViewTiN (around $10 when I purchased it).

    I have found that they both take several seconds to 'equilibrate', after arriving at my ball, before giving me an accurate distance. I overflew the green, thinking I had 150 yards to center, and after shooting this shot, the application now registered 131 yards. Another time, I was standing on a par 3 tee, at the 162 yard marker; GreenFinder told me the distance was 174 yards, and I know that it was off by 12 yards, so I shut it off, tried ViewTiN and found it to be exactly correct . I then turned GreenFinder back on and it now calibrated to the exact distance. This is the #1 complaint that I have with iphone GPS applications.

    The 2nd factor that is important to me, as a 50+ yr old with failing close-up vision, is how easily I can read the IPhone on a bright day, walking the course. GreenFinder's distance display wins, hands down to ViewTiN.

    OK - so now there are a half dozen or more applications available and all I am interested in is the correct distance dtermined quickly and an easily read interface. I know that some programs have overhead photos, scorecards, handicap keepers, etc, but that's not for me.

    Maybe I should go back and carry my dedicated GolfGuru device....does anyone know if the accuracy of the iphone applications rivals the dedicated device accuracy? The seperate devices certainly take the battery life variable out of the equation!

    So, any thoughts and experiences with other applications, observations?
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    04-19-2009 01:35 PM
  2. GuizDP's Avatar
    yes but don't forget that most of the time they trick the distance at many golf courses. And the flag position can modify the distance between 10-20 yards...
    04-20-2009 04:03 AM
  3. 3giphoneuser's Avatar
    There are two that really are the tops by a long shot - Golfshot and AirVue. Golfshot costs a bit more but adds a lot more stats tracking. ViewTi is ok, but I liked the other two more. Remember that you have to wait once you get to your ball, generally up to even 15 seconds for the distance to read accurately. As for not seeing the screen, I would say to turn the brightness all the way up (this helps a LOT) but make sure you turn WIFI off and turn off all Mail and anything that is checking for data - that will suck your battery dry!
    You should check out a website called Critical Golf - they have very thorough reviews so you can compare all of the apps.
    The advantage of your dedicated device will be longer battery, maybe more hazards marked (maybe not). I find that among the best iPhone apps, the distances are generally on par with the dedicated devices like the Golf Guru. I'm a huge fan of iPhones so I think these apps are the way to go vs a dedicated golf GPS device, but that's just me...
    09-21-2009 10:57 PM
  4. john13's Avatar
    I'm using Mobitee! Great updates, it gives exact information about distances, cute graphics, all the courses Im playing are already included! Worth every penny!
    03-15-2011 09:30 AM
  5. Charles Vally's Avatar
    Fungolfgps for sure is the best thing out there, I bought the app which is fairly expensive, but no more than golf shot or other product on the market. Sent the customer service an email because my course a default in their app. problem was solved within 24 hours, so very happy with the app, also I get to see my course in 3D which is amazing
    11-22-2012 09:08 AM