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  • Yes, I want to MashUp photos

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  • Yes, might be fun

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  • No, don't care about such matters

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  • No, price is not right

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  • I only try FREE apps before buying full version

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  • Maybe

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  • Never

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  • The Video sucks

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  • Video makes me interested in app

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  • None of the above... it has no appeal to me.

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  1. beastface's Avatar
    Hello every one, I'm new here to announce my first app in the app store.

    BeastFace MashUp, It's a photo mashup tool. Take a photo roll or camera image and arrange & paste one or many of 56 different animal heads (pre-cutout photos) to mashup your friends. Export to email... and extend the fun to others. The result looks like a pro-photoshop job on a photo.

    This is a laugh maker... and involves your own creativity.. so it can make many hours of fun.

    Take a look in store: iTunes Store

    Watch a YouTube video of app:

    I'd be happy to answer any questions that you might have.
    04-11-2009 08:11 AM