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    Stewartsoft, LLC and Fuzz Productions have launched a free iPhone app that enables taxi riders nationwide to rate their cab experience. The app is titled GoodCab BadCab and is located in the Navigation category in the U.S. iTunes Store. The unique new application is designed to allow taxi riders to rate their drivers based on driving, smell, cleanliness, and helpfulnessall by just entering the drivers badge ID. All reviews are anonymous. Questions posed include: Did the driver talk on the phone?, Did they help with luggage or even, Did the driver listen and follow directions?

    GoodCab BadCab*provides insightful and useful information about local taxi drivers in cities nationwide. The application*ranks the 10 best and worst taxis in the U.S., and provides scores for the ones in between. Users can view the top 10 best and worst cabs as well as search to see the rating of the taxi they are currently riding in.

    Get GoodCab BadCab Free at goodcabbadcab.com
    04-08-2009 02:03 PM