1. Rene Ritchie's Avatar
    The awesome folks at Tapbot haven't just given us five (5) Promo Codes for their latest, greatest unit converter, Convertbot, they've given us five (5) Promo Codes for their classic weight tracker, Weightbot as well!

    Weightbot [iTunes link] is a great app with a gorgeous interface, and just in time (again!) for bikini season (or whatever the rest of you wear to work...)

    Want to get one of them Promo Codes, just leave a reply below telling us what *you* want to get in shape for this summer! Getting your cardio up to dismiss those iPhone 3.0 push notification alerts? Building your endurance to wait 7 days in line for the next gen iPhone? What?

    (As always, to use Promo Codes, you need access to the US App Store).
    04-07-2009 07:38 PM
  2. MikeCTZA's Avatar
    It has to be the beach for sure. Hot ladies hang out at the beach and won't look twice at a overweight iPhone addict so ... yeah, get rid of that weight for that reason mainly !!
    04-08-2009 07:04 AM
  3. benstinson's Avatar
    Mexico this summer would be so much better if I could look myself in the mirror (like looking yourself in the eye, only naked)!
    04-08-2009 07:22 AM
  4. dotcom3's Avatar
    I need to drop a few #s this summer before I get married in August. Hopefully this app plus the 7 day wait in line for the new iPhone will help me shed them quickly!!
    04-08-2009 07:24 AM
  5. Dyvim's Avatar
    I just recently dropped 15 lbs. I' haven't decided yet if I'm looking to drop a few more (max 5) or not, but I definitely need to keep vigilant to keep the weight off, so Weightbot would come in handy.
    04-08-2009 07:40 AM
  6. double3's Avatar
    pick me! pick me!
    04-08-2009 07:42 AM
  7. weaversworld's Avatar
    You could say I definitely need this tool. I've spent too much time in front of the computer and not enough exercising. This may be the tool I need to get me going!
    04-08-2009 08:15 AM
  8. hotrod#AC's Avatar
    I want to get in shape, because I've put on about 15lb of 'winter' weight and I'm becoming obese.
    04-08-2009 08:17 AM
  9. edemaso's Avatar
    Could use some help losing the freshman fifty , being a computer science major has taken its toll on me.
    04-08-2009 08:55 AM
  10. shapiro125's Avatar
    what a simple and great looking program.
    04-08-2009 09:39 AM
  11. surrealx's Avatar
    My backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon!
    04-08-2009 10:23 AM
  12. jasonact's Avatar
    I'd like to get into shape so I can fit back into my butt groove on the couch. I seem to have out grown it, and I don't want to go through the hassle of creating a new butt groove.
    04-08-2009 10:23 AM
  13. GadgetGuru72#IM's Avatar
    Hi everyone-

    I already bought Convertbot, and it's awesome, so I figured I'd enter to win Weightbot ... maybe that will give me some extra incentive to finally get back into shape.

    Thanks ... and fingers crossed.
    04-08-2009 11:01 AM
  14. Stephman's Avatar
    As if an iPhone app is going to help me lose weight...I'll still give it a try though!
    04-08-2009 11:18 AM
  15. Freiteez's Avatar
    Going to the beach and going for hikes this summer would make me want to lose some weight. The weightbot app would really be nice to help me see how much i've lost.
    04-08-2009 11:19 AM
  16. senjin's Avatar
    Been trying to lose a little weight, this could help.
    04-08-2009 11:39 AM
  17. ryanlberg's Avatar
    i would like to Convertbot my keg into a six pack: dam im fat
    04-08-2009 11:53 AM
  18. patrickjl's Avatar
    I'm getting married in October and have already lost 20 pounds, I still want to lose 35 more. Seeing my progress on weightbot would certainly motivate me to finish!
    04-08-2009 11:57 AM
  19. louch6#IM's Avatar
    I want to get in shape so I can play with my daughter. She loves being out in the sun and playing and I need to be able to keep up.
    04-08-2009 12:51 PM
  20. rats13's Avatar
    Going to Maui this summer with the family
    04-08-2009 12:56 PM
  21. JustinHorn's Avatar
    I'm trying to get into shape for snow skiing in about a week

    But technically it's already summer here in Miami with highs in the upper 80s to low 90s so I think that works. Except for today, we got a odd spring cold front and the high are like 72, but this will probably l be our last front until November.
    04-08-2009 01:15 PM
  22. grace's Avatar
    to go to the beach!
    04-08-2009 08:12 PM
  23. iMan's Avatar
    i want to get in shape for spite
    04-09-2009 02:23 AM
  24. kittycatspawz#IM's Avatar
    Ok, so I just found out the X-wife lost a ton of weight. That AUTOMATICALLY means I HAVE to get as skinny as she is. Can't have him looking BACK at her back instead of mine, RIGHT?? LOL!!
    04-09-2009 05:52 PM
  25. wko5272's Avatar
    I need to get these crazy abs in shape just in time for the beach this summer!!
    04-16-2009 08:15 PM
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