1. fnj's Avatar
    Any idea if there is a way to view and store PDF's without wifi? I know you can email them to yourself, but that seems a little clunky. Any other app come to mind?
    02-03-2009 08:31 AM
  2. jamesus's Avatar
    Search for PDF in the app store. There are many options for this.
    02-03-2009 08:37 AM
  3. iwillneverememberthisnick's Avatar
    email yourself the files... in my opinion it is the fastest way for now. (and free
    02-03-2009 08:44 AM
  4. msbaylor's Avatar
    You can use ReaddleDocs, this allows you to get your docs to your iphone in numerous ways (via Wifi, browser upload, email, browser download) and also allows you to read the docs offline.
    02-04-2009 02:01 AM
  5. melwan's Avatar
    If you don't want to use wifi, I recommend FileAid from App Store. It is the only app that allows you to transfer files to the iPhone using the USB cable. This can be achieved by using FileAid in conjunction with DiskAid (which is a free desktop client). Check their website here.
    02-04-2009 02:59 AM