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    The button our phones were missing...

    BellyButton 1.01 $0.99 available now in AppStore.

    Interactive, Animated, Hi-Res Giggly fun from the first tickle!

    What's not fun about a Belly Button? Well lint maybe, but we've left that out on purpose!

    This fun little app will keep you giggling as well as your friends! Animated bouncing and wiggling accompany infectious laughter triggered by tickling the iphone's belly and in Roulette Mode too much tickling will get you a surprise!!!

    Fun at parties! Great conversation starter... "Wanna see my Belly Button?"

    - 7 "Skins" - (Innie, Outie, Beer Belly, Six Pack, Hula Girl, Hairy, Navel Orange)
    - 5 "Giggles" - (2 Male , 2 Female and Toddler giggles included.)
    - Roulette Mode - For the Fart lovers out there.. BellyButton features a Roulette Mode, where too much tickling will get you one.
    - 100% Lint Free

    New in 1.1:
    - larger Options button replaces default iphone Info button
    - Optimized Images and Animation
    - Reduced application size
    - Vibrate switch

    Hope you'll give it a poke!
    01-30-2009 02:19 PM