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    In the past several months (ever since I joined the TiPb forums) I find myself constantly on the forums via my iPhone. And I sometimes feel that I need to add a picture to my post but can't. So this is what I started doing:

    I open Twitterific, take a pic or upload a pic, once that is done, it inserts a url into my twitter post. (Idon't post the tweet, just get the url and then delete it)I just memorize the url, as it is usually very short (only 5 or so characters after the "/"). Then type it into my post. If I have more than one pic then I have to write down the urls to insert later. Here's an example of a post I made doing this technique.. While I know this is the long way of doing a simple task and pontentially difficult (especially if you don't have twitterific,) I hope there is a simpliar solution.

    So that's how I do it. Anyone else have a different method? If so, what is it?
    01-12-2009 10:52 PM