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    Hi everyone,

    John here from California. Made the switch over from my bberry to the iPhone 3G this past June and never looked back haha.

    Since then I've recently gotten into developing apps and just released my first app in iTunes.

    Definitely looking forward to learning and contributing to the community.

    After months of work, our "Big2 Poker" 鋤大D app finally became available in iTunes a few days ago. I'd love to hear your thoughts as your feedback can help us make the game continuously better.

    Here is also a quick snapshot of the game with some screenshots via a app tracking site that was just posted.

    iPhone Apps - Big2 Poker | Apptism

    And lastly, a youtube demo video:


    Happy Holidays!
    12-27-2008 03:38 PM
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    Hi everyone, we're also coming up with an app update in the next few weeks so feedback, thoughts, comments are greatly appreciated.

    happy holidays everyone!
    12-27-2008 03:40 PM