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    Pocketpedia is a personal media library collection database.

    Basically you have the ability to catalog your Books, Music, Videos, & Games.

    What I like about this app, is that I am able to keep several book collections (so I have a cookbooks section, a general collection, and a film book collection.
    So I am able to see that books I have, what books I want (via the "Wish List" Collection), and what books I have lent to others (via the "Borrowed List".)

    Now you can add items to your library as long as it is listed in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France or Japan Amazon directory. It uses Amazon to look up the information for the app, so an Internet connection is required if you want to add an item, but not required to view your collection. You then just type in a keyword, ISBN, title, or author to create a search. You will then be given a list from your search:

    From the search results you can find your book and when you tap on it you will see the detailed information that is associated with including prices (this is good when comparing a price that you find in a physical bookstore with the price on Amazon.)

    At the top, you have a picture of the cover of the book, title, author, ranking (gray-stars if you have not ranked it,) and a green "file" button (add to collection). By clicking on this button you are asked to select which collection you want to add the book to (of course you'll need to create a few collections before you add anything.)

    At the very top right-hand corner there are three buttons. The left-most button when tapped on shows you reviews that people have created on Amazon. The middle button displays the book description.

    Finally the right-most button displays a large format of the book cover. (This however can slow down the app, as the app stores the cover with your collection in its cache, this can be turned off in the iPhone App Settings.)

    If you go to your collections, you can view your library. For instance I tapped on my cooking book collection and I can display all my cooking books.

    You also have the ability to sort by title, author, or author's last name. If you tap on a book, you are basically given the same data that was seen on the results page from Amazon, except, where the "file" button was, now an "action" button. By tapping the button you can Delete, Move, Copy and even "borrow" the record.

    I however find the option "borrow" a bit misleading. What it really is intended to do is allow someone to borrow the book from you. After tapping it, you can select someone from your contacts list that is borrowing it. This will also place the book in the "Loaned Out" collection, which lists the books you have leant out. Once you have received the book you can "return" it to its original collection. I think this is a very nice feature to have.

    A little more information about this program: Pocketpedia is created by Bruji, which also makes the same type of applications for Mac users, however the programs for the Mac, I feel are bit expensive. For Bookpedia (book collections only) it is $18, for "DVDpedia". "CDpedia", and "Gamepedia" they are each $18 dollars. (They also offer combo package -one of which you can but for all of the Mac programs for $49, which it a bit more reasonable) However, I have a ton of books and would like to use the Bookpedia, as it has numerous more features and some pretty cool export features (but, I still think the price on the single software is a little high for my liking...maybe $12? or $10?). Since they offer Mac software, you can sync you iphone collections with the collections on your Mac!

    I would really like to see some sort of an export function and a way you can add items that are not found in any of Amazon's directories. Being a magician, I have a lot of books that I would like to catalog, but I am unable to do so because of the lack of customized entry. Editing an entry would also be nice

    -Great UI
    -Look up detailed info on books
    -Able to create a book wilsh list
    -Keep track of leant out items.
    -Sync with Mac, if you have the Mac software.

    -No customized entry
    -No export feature.
    -Backup feature (besides iTunes and the desktop software)
    -No Windows desktop sync software available.

    12-06-2008 05:33 PM