1. Philomena.Milind's Avatar
    I'm interested in publishing some barcodes with the intention of having them accessible by as many people as possible. There are several software based mobile barcoding packages for iphone in which the software turns the camera into a barcode scanner. Question is, which of these packages works on the most phones? I'm trying to target people in the United States.
    12-04-2008 10:02 PM
  2. Joan.Kavi's Avatar
    Might as well check out Scanlife on the way. You can create your own codes for consumer use and it works on more handsets than any others in the US market. You may also want to check out Mobile Barcodes Rock for some use cases.
    12-08-2008 06:15 PM
  3. Violet.Balaji's Avatar
    I've heard about how this stuff works in Japan, pretty exciting. I wonder how far behind Europe and US are. I get the sense that the uses for Scanlife and other codescanning packages are just beginning to be explored. Fine, browse to a wireless web site. That's pretty exciting but my guess is there are about a gazillion ways this could be useful to consumers.
    12-12-2008 05:21 PM