1. msbaylor's Avatar
    It looks like gameloft has once again raised the bar on iPhone games.

    Brother in Arms: Hour of Heroes is in the App Store for $9.99.

    I've downloaded and have begun playing the game. I am impressed with the grahpics as well as the audio, I however have a bit of an issue with the controls. I hope to have a review of this by Wednesday. But if you're a fan of Brother In Arms or of FPS games, then I recommend grabbing this game (Or you could wait a week or two for the price to drop, like it normally does...)
    12-02-2008 03:28 AM
  2. lgreenberg's Avatar
    Many users, including myself, are reporting of being unable to play the game.

    The game launches, but then freezes on a black screen after seeing the splash screen appear.
    12-02-2008 02:13 PM
  3. msbaylor's Avatar
    Make sure you restart your iphone after the installation, with these bigger applications. You must make sure that you do si, otherwise you moght have issues.
    If you did this, then have no idea what is going on.
    12-02-2008 09:30 PM
  4. lgreenberg's Avatar
    Tried restarting.

    It's a bug.

    I received this message from Game Loft.


    We're sorry to learn of your difficulties.
    We are aware of the issue and we are working side by side with Apple developers to solve the situation as soon as possible.

    For some users, we recommend to reinstall the application, and if that doesn't work, restore your device's firmware and install the application again. That should fix the issue for most customers.

    If that didn't fix the issue, you can wait for our next update will coming soon in next week.

    Thanks a lot and sorry again for the inconvenience."
    12-03-2008 05:32 AM
  5. msbaylor's Avatar
    Ah, no bueno..this might lead to a price drop through...hmm.
    12-03-2008 01:37 PM
  6. lgreenberg's Avatar
    Don't know what's changed but the game magically started working for me today.

    Be patient and let it load.
    12-03-2008 01:38 PM
  7. Jeremy's Avatar
    As much as I enjoy the iPhone, shooters like this are just not playable on it. Just one of the downfalls of no hardware buttons/controls.
    12-03-2008 01:57 PM