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    Something we found missing from all GPS apps is the ability to locate alcohol to purchase. We solved that problem for Canada.

    Introducing the essential app for everyone living in Canada over the legal drinking age:

    DRINKS: ONTARIO (itunes link)
    DRINKS: ALBERTA (itunes link)
    DRINKS: QUEBEC (coming soon)
    DRINKS: SASKATCHEWAN (coming soon)
    DRINKS: MANITOBA (coming soon)
    DRINKS: BRITISH COLUMBIA (coming soon)
    DRINKS: NOVA SCOTIA (coming soon)

    (Must be legal drinking age to purchase)

    Drinks helps you find the closest liquor retail outlet, and provides you with handy tools to help with your purchasing.

    *Screen shots belows are from DRINKS: ONTARIO


    FIND DRINKS - Locates the nearest liquor retail outlets to your current location. For each location you can call the store or sync with maps to provide you with directions on getting there.

    EMPTIES CALCULATOR: Easily see how much cash you will get back for returning your empties.

    MY ORDERS: Handy note pad to write down alcohol orders for you and your friends

    PROMOS: The Promotional section keeps you informed on the latest promotional offerings from alcohol companies whose products you can find at the store.

    No matter where you live in Canada this app is sure to be a great addition to your iPhone.
    11-19-2008 12:54 PM