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    Free App To Note Review: Cube

    I was just headed to bed when I was reading one of my RSS feeds and saw that Cube had been released on the iPhone I immediately got out of bed and downloaded it and tried it out early this morning.

    Cube is a Doom-like game. Cube was originally created for PCs & MACs. It is open- source software, therefore, making it free. So making this iPhone app also free. You should also try Cube 2 for your desktop.

    I found that you must restart the iPhone before playing this game, as it will take a significant amount of RAM to run.

    The first screen that appears tells you where to touch the screen in order to navigate within the game while the game loads. I found that the screen disappeared too quickly for me and I had to end up restating the game in order too re-see that screen.

    Top left corner brings up the menu, which will be a little hard to read for some. To scroll through the menu, just imagine that there is a scroll bar on the side of the menu and drag your finger up and down to select each item. Press the bottom left corner to select a menu item.

    The bottom right corner either allows the user to select am item or to fire their weapon.

    The top right corner makes you jump, and the bottom right corner makes you run forward.

    To navigate left or right or to look up or down, you use the iPhone's accelerometer by tilting the iPhone.

    I found the accelerometer’s controls too sensitive. I would like to see a sensitivity control.

    Also since this is the full game for the iPhone, it cannot load the whole map all at once, thus crashing the iPhone, so the images (the map) in the map load as you go, which creates lag, hopefully this can be fixed eventually.
    I sort of got used to lag or in other words – the actual loading of the map. Personally you really can’t just run through the map, so it somewhat practical.

    I extremely recommend giving this game a go. The full game has been ported to the iPhone that includes multiplayer!!

    -Pretty good graphics
    -Sound is good
    -Physics are really good
    -contains the full game

    -Continuous loading of images
    -Control navigation is too sensitive
    -No settings


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