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    De Blob

    de Blob is a simple game; you run the character around bumping into different buildings, coloring them.

    This was one of the first good games that came out for the iPhone and I grabbed it as soon as I could. The basic idea of this game is that the city is black & white and you have to free the city by coloring it. You color the buildings by running-into them. You collect different colors of paint in order to turn the Blob that color. You have to complete certain tasks in order to complete each level. The colors you pick up, lets say the Blob is red and if you have a mission to turn a building orange, then you have to find a yellow paint in order to turn the Blob orange. You may also have to be a certain size. The more colored paint you pick up the larger you get. If you accidentally run into an I.N.K.T. agent (the ones that make the city monochrome) then you must find a water fountain to wash off, also downsizing the Blob.

    The game utilizes the accelerometers to control the de Blob movement, before beginning the game; you can neutralize the accelerometers so that you can play from any angle. You can also use touch controls touching in a certain direction on the screen, makes the Blob go in that direction. Control is fairly easy. I prefer the tilt method of control, as using your fingers on the screen blocks your field of view.

    Around the time this game came out, it also came out for the Playstation 3 & Nintendo Wii. The game sported 3D graphics. While the game for the iPhone, is somewhat 3D, it is mostly 2D graphics, which is a bit of a let down, actually quite a bit of a letdown. For the most part this game is in black & white, until you color it that is. Graphics here arent that great at all.

    I thought the whole concept was interesting, but for me the game got quickly boring after the tutorial. This game might be good for kids or even teenagers, but pass that; I dont see it working for that person. The missions arent that complex, you just run into buildings, thats it

    -Good use of controls.
    -Possibly a good app for kids (may need rubberized grip :P )

    -Lack of 3D graphics.
    -Lack of creativity in game play (mission-1ise.)
    -Replay ability Low.
    -High Price for Low replay ability.



    2.0 is my CrApp rating, therefore, this is near Crap for me, you might have a different opinion.
    10-26-2008 06:21 AM