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    Card Counter is an app that helps you learn how to count cards for Black Jack using the High-Lo Count system.

    There are several tabs at the bottom that allow you to study & play.
    The Study tab walks you through a textual version of how to count cards.
    The Play tab allows you to play through a tutorial, Easy, Medium, Hard, & Expert levels.
    The tutorial shows the cards & how to add the count making it relatively easy to learn. The easy through Expert levels are varying degrees of hardness. Over time the cards are viewed faster, turned over quicker and more cards are laid out round-to-round. At the end of each round you have to give the count. It will tell you if you are correct or not.

    Scoring is 100 points for every round accomplished, pass a round, you go to the next round and receive 100 points, if playing on Easy, after 5 founds, you have a score of 500. I would like to a scoring ability that would award bonus points the faster you are in each round to figure out the count.

    I think the level from Easy to medium is a bit of a jump. The cards turn over much faster than in the easy level, thus making it frustrating for beginners.

    This is a nice little app for anyone curious about counting cards, or for someone that wants to review their skills. Having previously learned how to count cards using this method, I have found this quite fascinating to test myself Ive found I am a bit rusty :/
    Re-play ability depends on how bad you want to learn

    -Graphics are good
    -Gives textual reference as well a graphical reference
    -Practice the skill

    -Scoring is a bit awkward.
    -From Easy to medium levels it is a large jump & can be frustrating to a beginner.

    This is a unique application worth checking out. It misses a star because of the difficulty jump between levels and the scoring system isnt complex

    10-25-2008 03:10 AM