View Poll Results: Would you like the ability to use the iPhone as a wireless mic for your PC (or Mac)?

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  • Yes, and I would pay for it.

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  • Yes, if it were free.

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  • No.

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  • I have no opinion on this topic, but just really like to vote in polls.

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  1. hajihill's Avatar

    I've been looking for a software solution to allow the use of my iPhone as a wireless mic for my PC, and so far haven't had any luck.

    I've loved the various wireless control options that have allowed me to use my iPhone as a wireless control device for more and more things on my PC, but have yet to see anything that allows for streaming audio to my PC from the iPhone live (not as recorded snippets from something like iTalk Recorder (I'm as yet unable to post links)). Better yet would be something that integrates several of these control sets.

    If you know of anything, please let me know (replying to this thread suffices). Also, if you know of anyone who has the ability to create something like this, please let them know. If you know of any reasons this isn't possible(jailbroken or otherwise), please post that information as well. And finally, if you, like me, would also like to see this feature, or not, please vote in the attached poll.

    Thank you.
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    10-20-2008 12:02 PM
  2. msbaylor's Avatar
    how did you create a poll (sorry, I know it's off topic).
    10-21-2008 12:12 PM
  3. hajihill's Avatar
    Try posting a new topic, not a reply, and it will give you the option.

    10-22-2008 12:26 AM