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    PPCLINK Mobile Software is excited to introduce HiCalc for iPhone & iPod touch.

    HiCalc - Your Trusted Calculator, Winner of Best Calculator in the 2007 PPC Magazine Awards now is available for your iPhone & iPod Touch.

    HiCALC version 1.0 includes 8 modules including Arithmetic, Trigonometry, Base conversion, Finance, Constants, Currency converter, Unit converter and Tip calculator. All your calculations with be so simple


    • Support Standard, String and RPN mode
    • Fraction Mode support
    • Precision to 31 digits
    • Comprehensive Unit Converter with over 3,000 units with 108 categories. Daily update currency rate for 152 currencies
    • Powerful history for saving expressions
    • Smart input which allow to input complicated expression
    • Show expression as normal writing mode - Support Complex number
    • Support both USA and EUROPEAN style for date and numeric separator
    • Support direct calculation in Unit and Currency Converter Module
    • Skinable and sound support
    • Very easy to use

    Hicalc single license costs only $5.99 at Apple Store: Download it on iTunes

    Please find more information at HiCalc for iPhone & iPod Touch homepage:

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