1. wonderwebb's Avatar
    downloaded this app last night and was really I
    Impressed with this application.at first the app didn't start and I thought here we go another app that failed to deliver.sent an email to the developer and within 5 mins my problem had been resolved.
    I am now using my iPhone as a mouse which is great as I don't have to be close to pc. I am now going to get a lead to go from my notebook to my tv as the iPhone will now turn my pc into a good media center. The fact that you also can enter text from the iPhone keyboard to the of just makes things even better. I am still getting used to using the accelerometer to move the mouse. The touch pad is as accurate as the of so no trouble at all. I paid for this app and thought it was cheap at 3.50 for what I can actually do . Highly recommended .if anyone else has this let me know if u have found any good uses for it . Cheers wonderwebb!
    10-15-2008 10:28 AM